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Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, 2nd Ed. (WRAML™2) Scoring Program
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File Name: WRAML2Updater.msi
Download Size: 808 KB
Posted On: 9/4/2009
Updates Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, 2nd Edition (WRAML™2) Scoring Program Version 1.2.1. Corrects the Trial 3 and Trial 4 Mean and Profile in the Verbal Learning Grid for clients 80 years of age and older. Note that this update is not for WRAML™2-SP users.
Patch Installation Instructions for PAR Software
  1. The login you are using must have administrator rights. If in doubt, contact your IT resource.
  2. Click on the link above, select Run and the update software will launch.
  3. Accept the License Agreement terms
  4. Click on the Install icon
  5. When finished, launch the WRAML2 software and verify that the main menu displays Version 1.2.2.
Note: If you uninstall your PAR software and reinstall it on a different computer, you will need to re-install the update.

If you experience difficulty updating your program, please contact PAR Technical Support at or call us at 1.800.899.8378.
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