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PDD Behavior Inventory Scoring Program (PDDBI) Update
Click Here to Download
File Name: PDDBI-SPUpdate.exe
Download Size: 760 kb
Posted On: 1/10/2007

Updates version 1.00 only. Subsequent versions (1.01 and higher) include the update.

Adjusts raw score to T-score conversion for Autism Composite for Teacher Form, ages under 2 years.

Patch Installation Instructions for PAR Software

Each download will update most versions of the programs listed.

1. Click on the program name to initiate the downloading process.

2. Save the download as a file in a temporary directory on your computer (C:\Windows\Downloads is a good choice). If your Internet browser tries to run the program (instead of saving it as a file), try holding down the Shift key while clicking on the file or right-click on the file and choose Save As.

3. After the download is complete, use the Windows Explorer/File Manager to locate the file, and then double-click on the file to run it.

4. The update program will attempt to find the currently installed version of your PAR software on your machine. If you installed the software to a directory other than the default, you will need to manually select the correct file location. After the software program is located, the update will self-install.

Note: If you uninstall your PAR software and reinstall it on a different computer, you will need to re-install the update.

If you experience difficulty updating your program, please contact PAR Technical Support at or call us at 1.800.899.8378.

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