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Pinpoints areas in which students
need further reading instruction

Diagnostic Assessments of Reading™, 2nd Ed. (DAR™-2)
Florence G. Roswell, Jeanne S. Chall, Mary E. Curtis, and Gail Kearns
Purpose:Assess individual student achievement in nine components of reading and language
Age range:5 to 18 years
Admin:Self-report; Individual
Admin time:Approximately 40 minutes
Qualification level:B
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The DAR-2 assesses students' relative strengths and weaknesses in key areas of student learning in reading. Teachers may use the DAR-2 to identify areas in which struggling readers need help. The DAR-2 consists of two forms (A and B) that test nine components of reading and language: Print awareness, phonological awareness, letters and sounds, word recognition, word analysis, oral reading accuracy and fluency, silent reading comprehension, spelling, and word meaning.

The DAR-2 comes in a complete, multilevel format. It features simultaneous administration and scoring, providing immediate feedback about each student's strengths and weaknesses in reading and enabling teachers to quickly apply the results to instructional strategies for improving student skills. The DAR-2 can be used to:

  • Assess students' relative strengths and weaknesses in key areas of reading.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of students' reading proficiency.
  • Provide information on the needs of students in adult literacy programs.
  • Identify causes of reading difficulties.
  • Identify individuals or small or large groups who would benefit from Reading First and Title I instruction.
  • Provide teachers with diagnostic information to plan individual or group reading instruction.

Benefits of the DAR-2

  • Evaluates reading achievement at all levels with one classroom kit.
  • Identifies areas of difficulty for struggling readers in 40 minutes or less.
  • Assesses all five components of an effective Reading First program–phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.
  • Can be used in Title I, special education, adult literacy, or reading placement programs.
  • The Interpretive Profile helps synthesize information about individual student achievement.
  • Fluency rating is now a part of the Oral Reading test.
  • Kits include uses of Trial Teaching Strategies (TTS), an online resource that offers short lessons to address a student's reading needs.

Windows:Me, 2000, XP
Processor:Pentium II
Memory:96 MB
Hard Drive Space:150 MB
Prerequisites:CD-ROM drive
Other Requirements:Internet Explorer 5.01 or later, Client Networking for Windows and File/Print Sharing required
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-6391-KTDAR-2 Form A/B Classroom Kit
includes Form A Teacher's Manual, Form B Teacher's Manual, Form A Student Booklet, Form B Student Booklet, 30 Form A Response Record Forms, 30 Form B Response Record Forms, and 10 TTS Uses
WW-6392-KTDAR-2 Form A Classroom Kit
includes Form A Teacher's Manual, Form A Student Booklet, 30 Form A Response Record Forms, and 5 TTS Uses
WW-6393-KTDAR-2 Form B Classroom Kit
includes Form B Teacher's Manual, Form B Student Booklet, 30 Form B Response Record Forms, and 5 TTS Uses
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-6394-TMDAR-2 Form A Teacher's Manual$32.00
WW-6395-TMDAR-2 Form B Teacher's Manual$32.00
Forms and Booklets
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-6396-TBDAR-2 Form A Student Book$82.00
WW-6397-TBDAR-2 Form B Student Book$82.00
WW-6398-RFDAR-2 Form A Response Record Forms (pkg/15)$82.00
WW-6399-RFDAR-2 Form B Response Record Forms (pkg/15)$82.00
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