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Wide Range Intelligence Test

User-friendly materials make it
easy to learn to administer the WRIT.

Wide Range Intelligence Test (WRIT)
Joseph Glutting, PhD, Wayne Adams, PhD, and David Sheslow, PhD
Purpose:Provide a general measure of intelligence
Age range:4 to 85 years
Admin time:20-30 minutes
Qualification level:C
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The WRIT is a highly reliable assessment of cognitive abilities that can be used with individuals ages 4-85 years. The WRIT provides an estimate of cognitive ability for psychiatric or vocational rehabilitation evaluations; it also helps to identify learning disabilities, mental retardation, giftedness, neuropsychological impairments, and other exceptionalities. Taking less than 30 minutes to administer, the WRIT assesses both verbal and nonverbal abilities, yielding a Verbal IQ and a Visual IQ, which generate a General IQ when combined.

Features and benefits

  • Fast and reliable. Administration times average less than 30 minutes—yet the WRIT is as reliable as many lengthier measures.
  • Covers an extended age range. Only one set of materials is needed to assess preschool children as young as 4 years to adults age 85 years.
  • Documents ability levels. Provides an estimate of cognitive ability for psychiatric or vocational rehabilitation evaluations.
  • Helps to identify exceptionalities. The WRIT can help identify learning disabilities, mental retardation, giftedness, and neuropsychological impairments.
  • Easy to learn to administer. The format is familiar because the conceptual roots of the WRIT are related to a hierarchical model of ability familiar to psychologists trained in individual testing.
  • Colorful, attractive, and engaging. Subtests encourage participation by individuals of all ages.

Test structure

Four subtests address specific abilities: The Vocabulary and Verbal Analogies subtests form the Verbal scale; the Matrices and Diamonds subtests form the Visual scale.

Technical information

Standardized on 2,285 individuals, the WRIT produces IQs that are highly correlated with those from traditional and much lengthier cognitive measures, including the WISC®-III (.90) and the WAIS®-III (.91). The WRIT was conormed with the WRAT, allowing for sound and efficient determination of an intelligence/achievement discrepancy.

Note: Stopwatch required for administration.

Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-5624-KTWRIT Complete Kit
includes WRIT Test Manual, Matrices and Diamonds Easel Stimulus Book, 25 Examiner Forms, Set of 21 Diamond Chips, all in a sturdy carrying case
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-5625-TMWRIT Test Manual$96.00
WW-5626-TCWRIT Matrices and Diamonds Easel Stimulus Booklet$170.00
WW-5628-EQWRIT Diamond Chips (set of 21 w/case)$60.00
Forms and Booklets
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-5627-RFWRIT Examiner Forms (pkg/25)$66.00
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