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Test of Verbal Conceptualization and Fluency

Because the TVCF is particularly time and cost-efficient, it is useful in both educational and clinical settings.
Test of Verbal Conceptualization and Fluency (TVCF)
Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, and Arthur MacNeill Horton, Jr., EdD
Purpose:Measures executive functions
Age range:8 to 89 years
Admin:Individual or group administration
Admin time:20-30 minutes
Qualification level:B
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The TVCF is designed to measure multiple aspects of executive functions principally related to the integrity of the frontal lobes of the brain through the use of several verbally weighted tasks. The TVCF is useful in clinical neuropsychological examinations to detect brain injury and track rehabilitation progress, in the evaluation of language functions and verbal ability, for disability determination under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), in psychoeducational testing, and in research on brain function, as well as in other applications.

The TVCF has four easy-to-administer subtests of primarily verbal and nonverbal tasks that emphasize multiple aspects of verbal fluency, set-shifting and rule induction, concept identification, sequencing, and visual search skills.

  • Categorical Fluency measures an individual's ability to retrieve words that fit within a conceptual category (e.g., animals, things to eat) and fluency of ideation.
  • Classification is a verbal measure of shifting and rule induction that is designed as a language-based analog to the well-known Wisconsin Card Sorting Test™ (Grant & Berg, 1948). Three scores are obtained: numbers of items correct, number of perseveration errors, and number of categories achieved.
  • Letter Naming measures word retrieval by initial sound and fluency of ideation.
  • Trails C measures the ability to coordinate high attentional demands, sequencing, visual search capacity, and the ability to shift rapidly between Arabic numerals and linguistic representations of numbers. The trails task is a variation of several other "trail-making" tasks and was taken from the previously published Comprehensive Trail-Making Test (Reynolds, 2003) and completely renormed with the other TVCF tasks.

Applications of the TVCF

Because the TVCF can be administered in 20-30 minutes, it is useful for large or small group screening of students and may be administered as part of a prereferral intervention strategy. The TVCF also is appropriate for individually assessing students with recognized disabilities and children suspected of having one or more learning disabilities. The brevity of the TVCF, as well as the particular mental dimensions it assesses, also makes it useful in evaluating children suspected of having or known to have ADHD, emotional disturbances, and sensory or orthopedic impairments.

The TVCF was designed and standardized for use with individuals ages 8-89 years. Standardized scores (or scaled scores) are provided in the form of normalized T scores, along with their accompanying supplementary score conversions. The TVCF also provides a well-standardized and efficient procedure to assess executive function deficits in clinical patients, whether those deficits are due to CNS disease, drug addiction, trauma, or specific forms of emotional disturbance such as schizophrenia. It is a time- and cost-efficient tool for assessing the executive functioning of individuals with traumatic brain injury, dementia, and speech/language impairment.

Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-5956-KTTVCF Complete Kit
includes TVCF Examiner's Manual, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Forms, 25 Trails C Forms, and a Classification Cards Set in a sturdy storage box
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-5957-TMTVCF Examiner's Manual$79.00
WW-5960-TCTVCF Classification Cards Set$70.00
Forms and Booklets
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WW-5958-RFTVCF Profile/Examiner Record Form (pkg/25)$49.00
WW-5959-RFTVCF Trails C Form (pkg/25)$43.00
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