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Multidimensional Self-Esteem Inventory

Differentiates between "truly high" and "defensively high" self-esteem.
Multidimensional Self-Esteem Inventory (MSEI)
Edward J. O'Brien, PhD, and Seymour Epstein, PhD
Purpose:Measure global self-esteem and its eight components
Age range:18 to 65 years
Admin time:15-30 minutes
Scoring time:15 minutes
Qualification level:B
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The MSEI, based on a coherent model of self-concept and self-esteem, measures global self-esteem and its eight components: competence, lovability, likability, personal power, self-control, moral self-approval, body appearance, and body functioning.

Two unique scales, one easy-to-use rating form

  • Identity Integration scale measures global self-concept.
  • Defensive Self-Enhancement scale differentiates between “truly high” and “defensively high” self-esteem.
  • The two-part carbonless rating form enables you to quickly score results.
  • Normed on 785 college students, the MSEI features scales that have good internal consistency reliability coefficients.

Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-1403-KTMSEI Introductory Kit
includes MSEI Professional Manual, 25 Reusable Test Booklets, 50 Rating Forms, and 50 Profile Forms
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-1404-TMMSEI Professional Manual$33.00
Forms and Booklets
Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-1405-TBMSEI Reusable Test Booklets (pkg/25)$46.00
WW-1406-RFMSEI Rating Forms (pkg/25)$51.00
WW-1407-PFMSEI Profile Forms (pad/25)$38.00
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