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All six forms, both scoring templates, and an Administration and Scoring Manual have been translated into Italian.

Mini-Mental State Examination, 2nd Edition™ (MMSE®-2™): Italian
Marshal F. Folstein, MD and Susan E. Folstein, MD; User's Manual by Marshal F. Folstein, MD, Susan E. Folstein, MD, Travis White, PhD, and Melissa A. Messer, MHS
Purpose:Screen for cognitive impairment
Age range:18 to 100 years
Admin time:5 minutes for the MMSE-2:BV; 10-15 minutes for the MMSE-2:SV; 20 minutes for the MMSE-2:EV
Scoring time:5 minutes
Qualification level:S or B
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The MMSE-2 materials have been translated especially for users who speak Italian. Both forms (Blue and Red) of the three versions (Standard Version, Brief Version, Expanded Version) have been translated, as well as both Blue and Red Processing Speed Scoring Templates, which are for use only with the Expanded Version. The Administration and Scoring Manual contains detailed information about administration, scoring, and choosing which version of the MMSE-2 to use.

The MMSE-2 has also been translated into German, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish for the US, Simplified Chinese, Spanish for Latin America, European Spanish, and Hindi.

Note: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Users of non-English language versions of the MMSE-2 should base the clinical interpretation of MMSE-2 scores upon locally collected standardization data and/or clinical patient data. PAR does not endorse use of the U.S. population-based MMSE-2 norms for interpreting the MMSE-2 scores of patients who do not match the demographic characteristics of the MMSE-2 standardization sample. Clinical use of the raw score cutoff ranges for the MMSE-2 should be based on the scientific literature on the MMSE/MMSE-2 in the native language in which it is being used.

Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-6948-KTMMSE-2 Italian Kit
includes MMSE-2 Italian Administration and Scoring Manual, 25 MMSE-2 Italian Standard Version Blue Forms, and 25 MMSE-2 Italian Standard Version Red Forms
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-6949-TMMMSE-2 Italian Administration and Scoring Manual$31.00
WW-6956-SKMMSE-2 Italian Processing Speed Scoring Templates—Blue and Red (set of 2) $15.00
Forms and Booklets
Item numberProduct descriptionList price
WW-6950-RFMMSE-2 Italian Standard Version Blue Forms (pkg/25)$46.00
WW-6951-RFMMSE-2 Italian Standard Version Red Forms (pkg/25)$46.00
WW-6952-RFMMSE-2 Italian Brief Version Blue Forms (pkg/25)$22.00
WW-6953-RFMMSE-2 Italian Brief Version Red Forms (pkg/25)$22.00
WW-6954-RFMMSE-2 Italian Expanded Version Blue Forms (pkg/25)$64.00
WW-6955-RFMMSE-2 Italian Expanded Version Red Forms (pkg/25)$64.00
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