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Multidimensional Health Profile

Provides comprehensive information about psychological and health functioning, identifying areas of clinical concern and target areas for follow-up evaluation.
Multidimensional Health Profile™ (MHP™)
Linda S. Ruehlman, PhD, Richard I. Lanyon, PhD, and Paul Karoly, PhD
Purpose:Assess psychosocial and health risks in primary health care settings in individuals
Age range:18 to 90 years
Admin:Individual or group
Admin time:Approximately 15 minutes for each booklet
Scoring time:20 minutes
Qualification level:S or B
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The MHP is a comprehensive screening instrument designed for general use in health-related settings. Evidence over the past 30 years indicates that early identification of adjustment disorders, dysfunctional attitudes, and health-compromising habits can facilitate cost-effective prevention programs and overall improvement of health care quality. This is the first instrument to provide comprehensive information about psychosocial and health functioning. National representative norms based on a sample of 2,411 participants are available by gender for three age groups (18-32 years, 33-50 years, and 51-90 years).

  • Detects areas of clinical concern and targets areas for follow-up evaluation.
  • Developed and standardized for use with individuals ages 18 years and older.
  • Consists of two 4-page carbonless, hand-scorable Test Booklets to use together or separately.

The MHP materials consist of a Professional Manual and two test booklets written at a fourth-grade reading level. The MHP–Psychosocial Functioning (MHP-P) booklet contains 58 items that cover four major areas of concern: life stress, coping skills, social resources, and mental health. The MHP–Health Functioning (MHP-H) booklet consists of 69 items that provide information in five major areas of concern: response to illness, health habits, adult health history, health care utilization, and health beliefs and attitudes.

Once the respondent has completed the booklet, the health professional peels back the top page to reveal the scoring page. Scale scores are plotted on the profile grid provided in the booklet. T scores are used to interpret the respondent's level of psychosocial and health functioning.

The MHP Professional Manual provides information on the development of the instrument; guidelines for administration, scoring, and interpretation; normative data; and data bearing on the reliability and validity of the scales.

Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-3994-KTMHP Introductory Kit
includes MHP Professional Manual, 25 MHP-P Test Booklets, and 25 MHP-H Test Booklets
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
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WW-3995-TMMHP Professional Manual$62.00
Forms and Booklets
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WW-3996-TBMHP-P Test Booklets (pkg/25)$86.00
WW-3997-TBMHP-H Test Booklets (pkg/25)$86.00
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