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Newly revised! A fun and easy way to help students develop the social-emotional skills they need to manage challenges and succeed in school and life.
Merrell's Strong Kids Curricula
Sara A. Whitcomb, PhD, Editor
Purpose:Integrate social and emotional learning into school curricula
Age range:3 to 18 years
Admin:Paper and pencil
Admin time:10-12 weeks; 60-80 minutes per lesson
Qualification level:A
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Revised in 2016!
Integrate social and emotional learning into your curriculum with the five age-appropriate, evidence-based books in Merrell's Strong Kids Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum series. Each book includes brief, field-tested lessons that help students develop empathy, solve interpersonal problems, deal appropriately with negative emotions, and more. Revisions were based on survey results and experience using the curriculum.

New to the these editions

  • Crosswalks with CASEL Competencies.
  • Time-saving options for chunking the lessons into smaller pieces.
  • Guidance about how to use Strong Kids within an RTI/multitiered system of support framework.
  • Instructor reflection sections that help educators with lesson prepa¬≠ration and student observation.
  • Mindfulness-based activities that help students focus.
  • Extension activities that reinforce skills as students practice what they learn.
  • Fidelity checklists to help guide you through successful implemen¬≠tation of Strong Kids.>

Effective in developing children’s social and emotional skills

  • Includes engaging, thought-provoking classroom activities.
  • Illustrates both negative and positive alternatives for common scenarios students may encounter, helping them to better understand the power they have to alter the outcome of a situation by altering their reaction.
  • Teaches students skills that are key to preventing and resolving bullying behavior, including understanding the link between the way they feel and the way they think and behave, appropriately monitoring feelings, using problem-solving and communication skills to manage difficult situations, and remaining calm in situations that are stressful or worrisome.

Developed by psychologists, but requires no special training to follow or administer

  • Designed for early childhood and K-12 educators, Head Start teachers, early interventionists, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, and social workers.
  • An easy-to-use series that is brief enough to use with an existing program.

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Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-11070-BKMerrell's Strong Start: Pre-K$40.00
WW-11071-BKMerrell's Strong Start: Grades K-2$40.00
WW-11072-BKMerrell's Strong Kids: Grades 3-5$40.00
WW-11073-BKMerrell's Strong Kids: Grades 6-8$40.00
WW-11074-BKMerrell's Strong Teens: Grades 9-12$40.00
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