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Because it is orally administered, the ILK is suitable for illiterate defendants.
Inventory of Legal Knowledge™ (ILK™)
Jeffrey E. Musick, PhD, ABPP and Randy K. Otto, PhD, ABPP; Professional Manual by Randy K. Otto, PhD, ABPP, Jeffrey E. Musick, PhD, ABPP, and Christina B. Sherrod, PhD
Purpose:Assess response styles of defendants undergoing evaluations of adjudicative competence
Age range:12 to 99 years
Admin:Individual; interview
Admin time:15 minutes
Qualification level:C
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The ILK is designed to assist the forensic examiner in assessing response styles of defendants undergoing evaluations of adjudicative competence. The ILK is not a test of adjudicative competence; rather, it is a measure of a defendant’s approach to inquiries about his or her legal knowledge.

  • Written in simple language, the ILK contains 61 true-or-false items about the legal process.
  • Orally administered by an examiner in about 15 minutes, the ILK can be used anywhere—including jails and other secure facilities—and scored quickly.
  • To detect feigned deficits in legal knowledge, the ILK utilizes two strategies: one based on scores that are significantly lower than scores expected by chance, and a second based on scores that are significantly lower than those attained by relevant normative groups.
  • Honest-responding normative groups include adults acquitted by reason of insanity, adults with major mental illness, adults and adolescents not referred for competency evaluations, adult and adolescent defendants assessed to be competent to proceed, and adult and adolescent defendants adjudicated or assessed to be incompetent to proceed.
  • Reference data on adult defendants suspected of malingering, as well as on adults instructed to feign competence-related limitations, are included.
  • Item content includes charges, pleas, sanctions, defendants’ rights, and courtroom procedures, as well as the roles of the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, and witnesses.
  • Cumulative percentiles are used to compare the ILK Total Score obtained by the examinee to those obtained in community, clinical, and forensic reference samples.

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WW-6830-KTILK Complete Kit
includes ILK Professional Manual, 10 Reusable Item Booklets, and 25 Response Sheets
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
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WW-10305-EMILK e-Manual
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WW-6831-TMILK Professional Manual$53.00
Forms and Booklets
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WW-6832-TBILK Reusable Item Booklets (pkg/10)$46.00
WW-6833-RFILK Response Sheets (pkg/25)$63.00
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