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Iowa Gambling Task (IGT)

Especially useful for research and as part of a comprehensive neuropsychological battery.
Iowa Gambling Task™ (IGT™)
Antoine Bechara, PhD
Purpose:Evaluate decision making mediated by the prefrontal cortex.
Age range:18 to 79 years
Admin time:15-20 minutes to administer and score
Qualification level:C
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The IGT is a computerized assessment that assists in the evaluation of decision making mediated by the prefrontal cortex. The program tracks the examinee’s selection of advantageous and disadvantageous cards from four decks. The IGT is ideal for assessing patients who exhibit poor decision-making skills in the presence of otherwise normal or unaffected intelligence because of head injury or insult or any other condition thought to impact the function of the prefrontal cortex.

Features and benefits

  • Immediate results. The task is carried out in real time; the program can generate a Score Report and T-score and raw score profiles as soon as the examinee has finished the task.
  • Customizable. Several optional settings can be customized by the examiner prior to administration, including number of trials (i.e., card selections), inter-trial interval, type of currency, and starting amount of money.
  • Flexible. Two export formats are available, enabling flexibility with data management. In addition, the program’s import feature enables you to import data from previous versions of the IGT.

Test structure

  • The IGT produces a Total Net Score and net scores for each block of 20 cards/trials. In addition, you can examine the total number of cards selected from each deck and the total amount of money won. A trial-by-trial table displays deck choice, amount won, amount lost, total money, and time for each trial.
  • Normative scores are produced automatically; you can compare the examinee’s scores to those of a demographically corrected (n = 932) sample or to those of a U.S. Census-matched (n = 264) sample.

Technical information

The IGT has been used in studies examining decision-making capacity in a variety of populations, including individuals with focal brain lesions, substance addiction, chronic pain, aggression disorders, and Huntington’s disease.

Windows:XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Prerequisites:NTFS file system; Internet connection or telephone for activation; CD-ROM drive for installation
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WW-6047-CPIGT Introductory Kit–CD-ROM
includes IGT software with On-Screen Help and Quick Start Guide, Professional Manual, and Laminated Administration Card
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
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WW-10295-EMIGT e-Manual
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WW-6048-TMIGT Professional Manual$55.00
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