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Retains the features that made Version 2 so popular and incorporates cutting-edge developments in practice, including case formulation and scenario planning methods.
HCR-20: Assessing Risk for Violence, Version 3 (HCR-20 V3)
Kevin S. Douglas, LLB, PhD, Stephen D. Hart, PhD, Christopher D. Webster, PhD, and Henrik Belfrage, MD
Purpose:Identify presence/absence of violence risk factors
Age range:18 to 65 years
Admin time:Untimed
Scoring time:5 minutes
Qualification level:S or B
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The HCR-20 V3 is a comprehensive set of professional guidelines for the assessment and management of violence risk.

Features and benefits

  • Built on the solid foundation laid by Versions 1 and 2, the HCR-20 V3 embodies and exemplifies the structured professional judgment (SPJ) model of violence risk assessment.
  • Commonly used within correctional, forensic, and general or civil psychiatric settings, both institutional and community based.
  • Allows you to determine the presence of 20 key violence risk factors in your client and their relevance to that client.
  • Contains information to help you construct meaningful formulations of violence risk, future risk scenarios, appropriate risk management plans, and informative communication of risk.
  • Subjected to exhaustive testing and evaluations, this revision is expected to be even more clinically useful than its predecessor while still enjoying a solid empirical basis.

Test structure

  • The HCR-20 V3 User's Guide contains all the information needed to administer, code, and interpret the HCR-20 V3.
  • The HCR-20 V3 Worksheets assist evaluation and documentation using the HCR-20 V3.

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WW-10562-KTHCR-20 V3 Introductory Kit
includes HCR-20 V3 User’s Guide and 50 Worksheets
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
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WW-10563-TMHCR-20 V3 User’s Guide$110.00
Forms and Booklets
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WW-10564-RFHCR-20 V3 Worksheets (pkg/50)$110.00
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