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DBR Connect

Rate student behavior in minutes! Visit the DBR Connect Web site for more information.
DBR Connect™
Sandra M. Chafouleas, PhD, and T. Chris Riley-Tillman, PhD
Purpose:Rate student behavior
Age range:5 to 18 years
Admin:Informant report
Admin time:1 minute to rate
Qualification level:A
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DBR Connect tracks three broad behavioral constructs that have been shown to best represent core school-based competencies linked to student success in the classroom. According to the National Center on Intensive Intervention, it is one of the only two behavioral progress monitoring tools that is proven to be sensitive to student change.

Features and benefits

  • Assess behavior in less than one minute per student.
  • Determine intervention effectiveness with frequent progress monitoring.
  • Convenient online platform eliminates paperwork and filing, but forms can be printed and filled out, and data can be added to the system later, if preferred.
  • School administrators can use data for school-wide intervention strategies and district supervisors can view data across multiple schools.
  • Tiered pricing is based on student population size. Print forms are available at no extra cost.

Test structure

  • Rate three research-based behaviors—Academically Engaged, Respectful, and Disruptive— online in just a few clicks.
  • Add customized behaviors tailored to your school's student population.
  • Generate charts and reports immediately for data about individual students and small groups.

Technical information

  • Developed by school psychology professors Drs. Sandra Chafouleas and T. Chris Riley-Tillman.
  • Based on more than a decade of research.
  • Core constructs best respresent school-based competencies linked to student success in the classroom.

  • A three-part recorded Webinar on DBR Connect is available on the PAR Training Portal. Log on today to learn about this product direct from the author!

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