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Career Thoughts Inventory

Identify individuals who would benefit from a career counseling experience.

Career Thoughts Inventory™ (CTI™)
James P. Sampson, Jr., PhD, Gary W. Peterson, PhD, Janet G. Lenz, PhD, Robert C. Reardon, PhD, and Denise E. Saunders, PhD
Purpose:Assist in career problem solving and decision making in adults, college students, and high school students
Age range:17 to 83 years
Admin:Self-administered; Individual or group
Admin time:7-15 minutes
Qualification level:B
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A self-administered and objectively scored assessment, the CTI is designed to identify individuals who would benefit from counseling assistance and pinpoint the nature of their career problems.

  • Helps individuals to identify, challenge, and alter negative career thoughts that interfere with effective career decision making.
  • The CTI yields a Total score (a single global indicator of negative thinking in career problem solving and decision making), as well as scores on three construct scales: Decision-Making Confusion, Commitment Anxiety, and External Conflict.
  • A learning resource, the CTI Workbook includes information and exercises designed to help your clients identify the number and nature of their negative career thoughts, challenge and alter these thoughts, and take concrete action to make career decisions.

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WW-3431-KTCTI Introductory Kit
includes CTI Professional Manual, 10 Workbooks, and 25 Test Booklets
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
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WW-10304-EMCTI e-Manual
e-Manuals are not returnable. Please see our FAQ before ordering e-Manuals.
WW-3432-TMCTI Professional Manual$62.00
WW-3433-BKCTI Workbook$17.00
WW-3468-BKCTI Workbooks (pkg/10)$160.00
Forms and Booklets
Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-3434-TBCTI Test Booklets (pkg/25)$78.00

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