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An efficient neurocognitive functioning screener.
Ralph J. Kiernan, PhD, Jonathan Mueller, MD, J. William Langston, MD
Purpose:Assess neurocognitive functioning
Admin time:10 minutes for cognitively intact clients; 20-30 minutes for cognitively impaired clients
Scoring time:30 minutes
Qualification level:S or B
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The Cognistat is designed to rapidly assess neurocognitive functioning in three general areas: level of consciousness, orientation, and attention span; and five major ability areas: language, constructional ability, memory, calculation skills, and reasoning/ judgment.

Features and benefits

  • Includes a detailed and expanded discussion of the importance of individual “trait” factors and situational-environmental “state” factors that can affect test performance.
  • Provides an outline of commonly used medications that have the potential to affect test performance and a survey of 12 medical factors that frequently invalidate test results.
  • Offers a clear and immediately understandable graphic profile of impairments.
  • Includes normative information for adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations.
  • Provides documentation of the Cognistat’s utility in patients with dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, and epilepsy, citing a number of new clinical and research articles.

Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-6663-KTCognistat Starter Kit
includes Cognistat 2017 Manual, 25 Test Booklets, Stimulus Booklet, and Set of 8 Tokens
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-6664-TMCognistat 2017 Professional Manual$75.00
WW-6665-TCCognistat Stimulus Booklet$35.00
WW-6668-EQCognistat Plastic Tokens (set of 8)$35.00
Forms and Booklets
Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-6666-TBCognistat Test Booklets (pkg/25)$475.00
WW-6667-TBCognistat Test Booklets (pkg/50)$750.00
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