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Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories, 3rd Edition<

Identifies children and adults with self-esteem problems.
Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories, 3rd Edition (CFSEI-3)
James Battle, PhD
Purpose:Assess level of self-esteem in students
Age range:6 to 18 years
Admin:Self-report; Individual or group
Admin time:15-20 minutes
Qualification level:B
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The revised CFSEI-3 is a set of self-report inventories used to determine the level of self-esteem in students ages 6-18.11 years. It can be used to identify children and adolescents in need of psychological assistance due to self-esteem problems, assess therapeutic progress, and evaluate post-therapy effects.

For this revised edition, three new age-appropriate forms were developed: Primary (ages 6-8 years), Intermediate (ages 9-12 years), and Adolescent (ages 13-18 years). All three forms of the inventory provide a Global Self-Esteem Quotient (GSEQ). The Intermediate and Adolescent Forms provide self-esteem scores in four areas: Academic, General, Parental/Home, and Social. The Adolescent Form provides an additional self-esteem score: Personal Self-Esteem. A defensive measure also is provided to assess the extent to which an individual's responses are guarded.

The CFSEI-3 is easy to administer and score. It can be administered to individuals or groups in 15-20 minutes. Responses (simple yes-or-no answers) can be either written or spoken. Newly designed Profile/Scoring Forms are easy to use.

  • Standardized on a sample of 1,727 individuals from 17 states; the normative group was stratified on the basis of geographic region, gender, race, rural or urban residence, ethnicity, family income, parent education, and disability.
  • Highly reliable (average internal consistency coefficients range from .81 to .93; time sampling coefficients range from .72 to .98).
  • Correlates strongly with other measures of self-esteem and self-concept.
  • Assesses self-esteem in a culturally fair manner. (A full chapter in the CFSEI-3 Manual is devoted to the test's bias.)

Item numberProduct descriptionList priceAdd to Cart
WW-4909-KTCFSEI-3 Introductory Kit
includes CFSEI-3 Manual, 50 Primary Examiner/Record Forms, 50 Intermediate Profile/Scoring Forms, 50 Intermediate Student Response Forms, 50 Adolescent Profile/Scoring Forms, and 50 Adolescent Student Response Forms, all in a sturdy box
Manuals, Books, and Equipment
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WW-4910-TMCFSEI-3 Manual$63.00
Forms and Booklets
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WW-4911-RFCFSEI-3 Primary Examiner/Record Forms (pkg/50)$34.00
WW-4912-PFCFSEI-3 Intermediate Profile/Scoring Forms (pkg/50)$34.00
WW-4913-RFCFSEI-3 Intermediate Student Response Forms (pkg/50)
(Est Ship Date: 10-06-17)
WW-4914-PFCFSEI-3 Adolescent Profile/Scoring Forms (pkg/50)
(Est Ship Date: 09-22-17)
WW-4915-RFCFSEI-3 Adolescent Student Response Forms (pkg/50)$34.00
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