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Permissions & Licensing

This page provides information about our procedures and policies for requesting and granting permission to use any of our publications. We will consider requests for permission to reproduce, modify, or translate any copyrighted publication.

Tests, test protocols, test items, normative data, score reports, and other related materials are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from PAR. The reproduction of any part of PAR’s copyrighted tests and related materials in any way, without permission, whether the reproductions are sold or provided free for use, is a violation of federal copyright law.

If you plan to use a test in its entirety, please purchase the published version of the test. You may purchase the number of test protocols you will need for your intended purposes by contacting the PAR Customer Support Center at 1.800.331.8378, or if outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada, 813.449.4065.

If you plan to modify or use only part of a test, written permission is required prior to using any PAR proprietary material. Written permission is required prior to:

  • Using a translation. All of our translations have been approved. Back-translations have been conducted by an individual unfamiliar with the English version of the test and the back-translation has been forwarded to the author/PAR for review and approval.
  • Using any part of a test;
  • Using a modified format of a test;
  • Translating a test into a language for which it is not currently available;
  • Including a few sample items or other materials (i.e., tables, charts, graphs) in a publication or appendix of a dissertation or thesis. PAR will not grant permission to include an entire test or scale in any publication, including dissertations and theses.

To request permission to use PAR proprietary material, please complete the Permission Request Form.

  • A per-copy royalty/license fee will be charged for all permissions granted to copy or reproduce all or part of any publication. The fee will be determined after we review your completed Permission Request Form. This fee does not include the cost of purchasing the test manual, which is necessary if you plan to obtain permission to use all or part of a test.
  • A permission fee will be charged for reproduction of any tables, charts, graphs, or other materials to be included in publications. Please provide us with a detailed description of the material you wish to reproduce.
  • When obtaining permission to use a modified/translated version of an instrument, it is recommended that you also purchase the test manual for the English version so you will have scoring and interpretive guidelines. You can request a sample copy of the published test protocol at no additional charge with the purchase of the test manual. Please contact PAR Customer Support for information.
  • Payment can be made in U.S. funds, by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards, or wire transfer. We also accept official institutional purchase orders from U.S. and Canadian organizations.

Available Products

The following list includes some of our products that are available for licensing. These products have been translated, back-translated, and approved by the author.

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