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Research and Development

The Research and Development (R&D) Department is responsible for creating new assessment and software products. Our staff includes psychologists who perform a variety of scientific, technical, and project management roles, including working with outside authors to create new tests and content. We also perform the psychometric/statistical analyses and prepare the technical publications for our tests. We also have staff focused on data collection, research support, and quality assurance. Finally, we have a software development team that creates all of PAR's desktop and Internet products. As we develop new products, our primary focus remains the same—creating new tests that our Customers will find helpful.

At PAR, we are always interested in acquiring new products and/or developing well-designed projects that will meet the needs of our Customers. If you are developing an assessment resource that may be appropriate for PAR, please contact us as early as possible in the development and/or writing process to determine our interest in publishing your instrument and to identify ways we can assist you in shaping your project for greater potential success. A copy of your current vita should be included with any product submission. Click here for more information on publishing opportunities with PAR.

You also may assist with the development of new products by serving as a Data Collector. Click here for more information.

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