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A look inside PAR: What is Quality Assurance?
8/23/2016 7:20 AM
PAR prides itself on creating assessment products that are both high in quality and in value. The process of taking an idea and molding it into a useful product involves the h[...]
Five Things to Know About the Personality Assessment Screener (PAS)
8/16/2016 6:57 AM
You may know the Personality Assessment Screener (PAS) can help you assess a broad range of clinical problems. Here are five things about the PAS that you may not know: The PA[...]
Find a career that fits with the new WVI
8/9/2016 7:08 AM
As the old adage goes, “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” Though you may be passionate about a particular career or field of study, how do you [...]
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